VBL on Demand: The East End Brewing story, virtual tour & beer tasting

05/30/2020 07:00 PM - 12/31/2022 08:30 PM ET


Beer Society Event


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Virtual Britsburgh Live on Demand presents.... 

The East End Brewing story while tasting a few brews (some with a touch of Brit in them!)



In 2004 craft beer drinkers in Pittsburgh welcomed East End Brewing to the burgeoning craft beer scene here in the "Burgh." Across the USA beer connoisseurs were warming up to the flavours of the new darker and 'hoppier' brews. Scott Smith started East End modestly in 2004. The brewery has grown in its recognition for beer quality, for the flavour of its most popular beers including the Big Hop, and for its commitment to the Pittsburgh community.


In 2016 Britsburgh partnered with Scott and East End Brewing to produce a unique 'British Style' annual brew for our Britsburgh Festival - The Britsburgh Ale. In this video you beer lovers will be interested in hearing first hand from Scott and Brendan Benson, head brewer about their 16 year journey while tasting the goods, so to speak. Its a good idea to order some of East End Brewing beers (see below for the beers covered in the video) and enjoy them as Brendan and Scott decribe them.


This video was recorded on May 30, 2020. 



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What Beers were tasted during our VBL event?


RESILIENCE PALE ALE - A Western PA collaboration beer brewed to support those impacted by the Australian bushfires 5% ABV


EAST END WITTE: A "Belgian White" wheat beer, gently spiced with coriander and bitter orange peel. Light bodied with hints of orange and lemon. 5.1% ABV


ESPLEN: Munich Style Helles Lager - The twenty-first beer in EEB's "You Are Here Beer Series of Pittsburgh" neighborhoods. 5.4% ABV


HAYS: Bamberg Style Rauch Bier/Smoked Lager - The twenty-third beer in EEB's "You Are Here Beer Series of Pittsburgh" neighborhoods. 5.5% ABV


Windgap: Pineapple-Mango Milkshake IPA - The twentieth beer in EEB's "You Are Here Beer Series of Pittsburgh" neighborhoods. 7.3% ABV



Important note: Like other breweries, bars and restaurants, East End Brewing is impacted by COVID-19. By ordering beer, you will help keep your favourate brewery alive and keep Scott's staff employed during these difficult times. Additional donations made on our website however, will go to the Pittsburgh Community Food Bank. Therefore, drink beer and help your local community!!!




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