VBL on demand: What's my cue? - NRTC director Andy Kirtland talks Cue Scripts & Shakespeare

04/22/2020 - 12/31/2022


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Virtual Britsburgh Live on demand presents.... What's my cue?


The New Renaissance Theatre Company's Unrehearsed Shakespeare Project has toured around Pittsburgh since 2014. You have seen us - we're those actors with the purple tent and those rolls of paper in our hands



"How do they use those cue scripts?"
"What do those cue scripts look like?"
"Are they reading those on stage?"



Questions like these have probably come into your mind while watching one of our USP shows, and now is your time to get some answers. Take a look at how our performers use this 15th century technology to create plays without rehearsal. NRTC's Artistic Director Andy Kirtland began using the Unrehearsed Cue Script Technique under Demitra Papadinis at the New England Shakespeare Festival in 2002. He has performed and produce plays using this historically informed practice, and has worked to develop it in our modern theatrical landscape. You will go over the basics with Andy and discover just how William Shakespeare was able to convey a treasure trove of information to his actors and 'direct' his plays through his texts. This new perspective on the texts will give you a better idea of what a great playwright William Shakespeare was and get you excited for our 7th Annual Unrehearsed Shakespeare Project Summer Tour: The Tempest and The Merry Wives of Windsor!


This video was recorded on April 22, 2020. Contains mild profanity in one section in the shakespearean context.



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